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Chumphon Pinnacle

A fantastic dive site to take students on all courses except for Intro to tech. Chumphon has it all; One large granite pinnacle covered in marine life begins at 14 metres, with schools of fish everywhere you look. Descend off the pinnacle to 35 metres and if you head North you can easily get 45 metres, with a pea soup-like thermocline waiting to meet you. It's perfect for decompression procedures, extended range and trimix courses because the sea bed acts as a good reference point on the deepest part of the dive. A nice steady ascent is possible as you make your way back to the pinnacle, then you can use the rock as you undertake your deep stops. 
There are ocassionally moderate currents, but they are also utilised during training to teach about deco stop procedures. If you're really lucky, you may encounter a whaleshark on your deco hang too!

Sail Rock

As with Chumphon pinnacle, this is a fantastic dive site for conducting deeper training on decompression procedures, extended range or trimix. Sail rock itself juts out of the sea, and drops all the way to 30-35m. There is a chimney on one side that you can descend through, which requires good control so that you don't touch the rocks, as it can get fairly narrow, especially in a twinset. If you swim off the pinnacle at the sea bed you can achieve 40-45 metres, and you're likely to encounter lionfish and cuttlefish along the way. The pinnacle acts as a great reference point for deep stops and gas switches, but it can be subjected to moderate currents. One of the biggest challenges students face is knowing that they are being monitored on their ability to follow depths and run times, and suddenty finding themselves going into fun diver mode because of all the incredible marine life all around them. That's for when you're qualified!


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