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As well as being a beautiful dive site, Twins has a large area of sand to the North of the dive site, which is perfect for practising skills. It's ideal for intro to tech and sidemount, and is used for the first couple of dives of advanced nitrox, decompression procedures, extended range and advanced wreck. Do you remember when your instructor told you to look for the small things? Twins is the ideal place to take that advice. Intro to tech students can get to grips with their buoyancy and trim, practice skills such as reg recovery, valve drills, and the S-drill, and also calculate a pretty accurate SAC rate. Advanced nitrox  students can practice staging and retrieving, gas switching, and minimum deco. Advanced wreck students can also practice reeling techniques, as there are a number of artificial objects in the sand that they can tie off on.
If there's any time left after all that, there is a huge amount of marine life all over the rocks to see, from puffer fish, barracuda, crocodile fish, to the small stuff such as nudibranche. There's even the odd turtle!

Mango Bay

Another perfect place to practise skills. Mango bay is usually sheltered from the wind and currents, allowing for uninterrupted training dives. This is a popular dive site for recreational divers undertaking dives one and two of their open water course, but we usually find a patch of sand a little further out of the bay- out of their reach. 




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