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    Tech Diving for the fun of it...

    So you made it! You became a Tech diver and now you can go deeper and stay for longer or dive in the wrecks, someone may also have mentioned the importance of building up experience before the next course... Easier said than done and at times and the availability of Tech diving whilst not on a course can be also be an issue. We approach it diffrently here and encoursge divers to build confidence and experience within a Tech team prior to moving on, we have dedicated divers who will always join a team and dive.

    We a shake down dive prior to any decompression dive and a refresher dervice for both configurations and theory we can also help divers who have been away from the water fr a while get back into Tech, skills degrade quickly and theory changes.

    Whilst Koh Tao has no great depth we do have varried dive sites ranging from pinnacles to wrecks ranging from 50m and up. Making Tech diving work for the sites you can dive on is an important part of the planning process and we can use a varried number of techniques for this and ideal mixes from the in house belnding service.

    So you've done the hard bit now come and enjoy it.

    Big Blue Diving
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    Koh Tao 

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