Sidemount / Twinset & Deep

    Diving to the maximum depth allowed in recreational sports diving with the added safety of Sidemount or Twinset...

    The lure of the deep, when divers are looking to extend their range and dive to 40m its also a great idea to take into consideration the additional gas required to safely complete these dives.

    By adding the Sidemount (TDI's SIdemount course) or Twinset course (TDI's Intro to Tech) our students not only get the safety of a redundant gas supply & extended bottom time (if filled with the appropriate Nitrox mix) they also get the exceptional buoyancy training that comes with these courses.

    Big Blue Tech - Training leaders not passengers.

    What's Involved?

    Combining these courses will add depth and additional safety to your diving.

    Planning deep or longer dives requires more in-depth knowledge and navigational skills, whilst entering you will also be entering the world of Technical diving in oder to achieve the safety of redundancy. 

    Some of the skills you can expect to learn:

    • Advanced dive planning and execution
    • Gas planning & management
    • Equipment selection and setup 
    • Propulsion, including Frog kick and back finning 
    • Advanced Buoyancy & Trim
    • Situational awareness 

    How long will it take?

    What do I need to start?


    Am I Fit to Dive?

    Read this Medical questionnaire,if you can answer yes to any of the questions, you may require medical clearance to enroll on a diving course. Email us if you want more information.


    15,920 Baht 

    Includes: All equipment, course materials and certification on successful completion with SSI or SDI.

    If you would like to certify with PADI please contact us here 

    Bespoke options:

    Big Blue Tech can tailor any combination of courses our customers require, with experienced instructors who offer exceptional training.

    Please contact us below with any questions.

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