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New Management!

Big news- Big Blue Tech is under new management! Richard Devanney (left in the photo) and Donny McFadden (the only other person in the photo) have taken over from outgoing manager James Foleher and his glamorous assistant Ian. James has decided to pursue other ventures, and Ian will be continue to teach recreational diving with Big Blue. 
So from the 25th May, Rick & Donny will be in charge of the technical diving department at Big Blue. They have both been at Big Blue for years, and have a lot of experience to bring to the role. They are very passionate about their diving, especially technical diving, and believe in trying to make every student they teach become the best diver that they possibly can.

They are not the type of people to cut corners either; every course they teach is to a very high standard, putting the safety of the student first every time. Prior to being involved in the diving industry, they both had very varied careers. Rick has worked as a metallurgist, melting steel in steel foundries (i.e. getting burnt for a living), a geologist on oil rigs all around the world, and before he came to Koh Tao was involved in sustainable energy for 7 years. Donny worked in the commercial construction industry for many years in Australia, and has for a long time been heavily involved in the music business as the lead singer/bassist of punk rock band Lamexcuse.

They are passionate and enthusiastic about their new role, and are currently busy developing a number of ideas with which to take Big Blue Tech forward. Big Blue Tech would like to thank James and Ian for the work they have done over the last few years, and wish them well in their future endeavours. 

Big Blue Tech has a pretty broad online presence, so whichever medium you use, you can like Big Blue Tech on facebook, follow us on twitter as @BBTechThailand. We're even on Instagram as.. you guessed it,  Big Blue Tech. If you're feeling old fashioned then just have a look at the Big Blue Tech website (you're on it now!). They will all be regularly updated with information on technical diving, training, expeditions and Big Blue Tech events. Also, if you live on Koh Tao join the Big Blue Dive Club on facebook. It's a group open to any dive professional and DMT on Koh Tao, aiming to provide information on the regular dive trips that Big Blue Tech will be running, open to all on a first come-first served basis. But seeing as Koh Tao is pretty small, you can also just pop in to the tech shack for a chat too!

With big things in store for us here at Big Blue Tech, we're excited for the future and invite you to come diving with us!


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