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SSI-TXRSince the beginning of time Big Blue Tech Thailand has been providing technical dive training through TDI (Technical Diving International) and BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club).  In that time hundreds of certifications have been issued to happy customers worldwide. However being a sub company of the biggest SSI recreational dive school in the world, Big Blue Diving Koh Tao, we have decided to now offer, alongside TDI and BSAC, technical dive training from SSI in the form of their XR and TXR programs!

So, on the 14th of July 2014 Big Blue Tech’s head instructors Donny McFadden and Richard Devanney teamed up with SSI Asia Pacific to cross over their instructor ratings to be able to teach SSI’s updated and streamlined XR and TXR programs.

The team consisted of TXR Instructor Trainer, Ben Reymenants from Blue Label Diving, SSI Asia Pacific Director, David Lee, Al Stewart, SSI Asia Pacific Director of Education, and Ben’s wife Simone Reymenants providing logistical support and promotion. Big Blue Tech was truly honoured to have such a wealth of experience camping out on Koh Tao for the 9 days!

The 9 days consisted of back-to-back 10 hour days jam packed with evaluation dives, Trimix dives, Technical Advanced Wreck dives, academic presentations and workshops, and lets not forget the millions of tanks needed for this operation that needed pumping each evening! The team’s equipment was diverse, utilising all the diving platforms, Twinset, Sidemount and Rebreathers. It was an extremely busy 9 days but overall the whole operation was a success with Donny and Rick crossing over to SSI XR/TXR with flying colours. Both Instructors know they have learnt and gained a huge amount and look forward to passing on the knowledge.

SSI’s XR and TXR stand for Extended Range and Technical Extended Range. These programs have been around for a while now, however very recently have been updated and streamlined, providing an even more extensive and comprehensive technical dive training program. With levels ranging from the entry level XR Nitrox course, allowing 40m depth, greater oxygen mixes and minimal decompression, through to Hypoxic Trimix allowing 100m deep mixed gas decompression training. TXR Technical Wreck is a course providing training in full penetration diving inside wrecks and/or other underwater structures.  Also available is the TXR Cave course, which has the intent to provide divers with the training necessary to independently plan and conduct cave penetration dives utilising advanced gas management techniques.

The materials look great, the standards are high, and the support from SSI in the Asia Pacific region is second to none.

With huge potential for the XR/TXR programs, Big Blue Tech Thailand is certainly very excited to have joined the SSI Technical Dive Family and is looking forward to producing many more high quality divers.  Along with our other solid agencies TDI and BSAC, our customers now have the choice of participating in SSI XR/TXR training.

Watch this space over the next couple of weeks for more info on Big Blue Tech Thailand’s new SSI XR/TXR programs.

We look forward to diving with you soon!

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