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Closed circuit rebreathers are without doubt, the diving platform for almost any deep/long technical dives. Increased bottom times, reduced gas usage and significantly reduced decompression obligations are just a few of the advantages of using a CCR for modern day technical diving.

Unit Specific for the Pelegian the TDI Air Diluent Closed Circuit Diver Course is your first step into closed circuit rebreather diving (CCR Diving) and your first truly quiet diving experience.

Using the Pelagian MCCCR’s to maximize your gas supply of Nitrox and provide the optimum breathing gas for any depth by maintaining a constant partial pressure of oxygen (PPO2). During the dives your TDI Instructor will teach you all the necessary skills to conduct CCR dives to a maximum depth of 30 m/100 feet. The skills for this CCR Diving Course include:

  • Setup and maintenance of the unit
  • Loop volume management
  • Calibration of electronics
  • Emergency procedures
  • Buoyancy control
  • CNS tracking

This unique experience cannot be under estimated or valued, if you love your diving and you love the idea of silence then this is your next step.



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