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Nitrox was originally viewed by the major diving agencies as dangerous. Even going so far as to call it a "voodoo gas". But as agenies such as TDI took the lead in demonstrating that nitrox can be used safely for recreational and technical diving, these other agenies soon followed suite. Nowadays, nitrox is a standard part of recreational diving. 

The TDI nitrox speciality course teaches the benefits and limitations of using higher mixtures of oxygen in your Scuba cylinder of up to 40%. There are many advantages to using nitrox as opposed to air, but additional considerations are required to dive safely on it.

The course covers:

  • Benefits of use
  • Limitations of use
  • Oxygen concerns
  • Tracking of oxygen, manually, and using tables
  • Methods of blending
  • labelling and analysing

The course can be conducted as a no-dive course, or can inlclude 2 dives, which take half a day and 1 full day respectively.

Course requirements:

  • Minimum age 18 years old (15 with parental consent)
  • Be an open water diver, or be enrolled on an open water diver course

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