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Compressor Operator

If you are currently working as a dive professional, or are training to become a dive professional, being qualified to use a compressor to fill tanks is an essential qualification to have. It will stand out on your CV/resume, and quite simply make you more employable

The course teaches the basics of compressor operation and is comprised of a theory session and practical experience of filling tanks with air.

Entry requirement:
The course is open to anyone. No prior experience is required.

Theory session:

  • Introduction to the physics of compressed gases. 
  • How compressors work. 
  • Safety aspects of compressor operation.

Practical session:

  • Understanding start-up and shut-down procedures. 
  • Learning how to change filters to ensure "clean air" fills. 
  • Actual use of a compressor to gain confidence and familiarity.

Learning materials:

  • Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course.

Course Fees: 

9,000 Thai Baht (combine with Nitrox Blender for 15,000 Thai Baht)


  • BSAC

Gas Blender (Nitrox)

As with the compressor operator course, this is an essential qualification to have if you currently work, or intend to work as a dive professional. It also makes sense to combine it with the compressor operator course so that you gain a full understanding of using a compressor to fill tanks with air, and also enriched air nitrox. 

The course is comprised of one theory and one practical session.

The theory includes: 

  • Understanding how to store and handle oxygen safely.
  • Introduction to the equipment used for blending nitrox and analyzing mixtures. 
  • You will demonstrate proficiency in blending enriched air nitrox and the proper labeling of nitrox cylinders.

The practical session includes:

  • Partial pressure and continuous flow blending.
    Oxygen decanting.
    Practice of filling tanks using continuous flow.

Course Fees:

9,000 Thai Baht (15,000 Thai Baht if Combined with compressor operator).


O2 Equipment Service Course

The TDI O2 Equipment Service Technician Course, you will expand upon the repair skills you have received from equipment manufacturer’s programs and learn the proper techniques and protocols of preparing scuba equipment for use with breathing gases other than air. The course covers topics such as

  • Oxygen compatible system components
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Oxygen cleaning of cylinders valves and regulators

The TDI Equipment Service Technician manual brings you through the process in a logical manner while your instructor takes you through the practical exercises, the manual also acts as great reference material.

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