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If you are currently working as a dive professional, or are training to become a dive professional, being qualified to use a compressor to fill tanks is an essential qualification to have. It will stand out on your CV/resume, and quite simply make you more employable

The course teaches the basics of compressor operation and is comprised of a theory session and practical experience of filling tanks with air.

Entry requirement:
The course is open to anyone. No prior experience is required.

Theory session:

  • Introduction to the physics of compressed gases. 
  • How compressors work. 
  • Safety aspects of compressor operation.

Practical session:

  • Understanding start-up and shut-down procedures. 
  • Learning how to change filters to ensure "clean air" fills. 
  • Actual use of a compressor to gain confidence and familiarity.

Learning materials:

  • Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course.

Course Fees: 

9,000 Thai Baht (combine with Nitrox Blender for 15,000 Thai Baht)


  • BSAC

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