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Wreck Diver

People have lots of different motivations for wanting to dive wrecks. Some like the history, some the fact that they are usually covered in marine life, and others want to explore the complex network of rooms inside. There aren't many things more exciting than descending into the blue, following a buoy line down and seeing a shipwreck slowly appear in front of you.  

At Big Blue Tech we teach the SDI wreck speciality course. SDI is the recreational arm of TDI and is recognised around the world as an alternative to PADI and SSI. The course we offer allows for limited penetration inside wrecks (within certain limits), and covers the following:

  • Researching wrecks
  • Finding wrecks
  • Hazards of wreck diving
  • Risk management
  • Navigation inside
  • Gas planning
  • Diving procedures for wreck diving
  • Emergeny procedures

Much of the practical side of the course is taken from the TDI advanced wreck course and includes land drills for using a continuous guideline, which is then practiced on the wreck. The final dive of the course is you putting all the skills you've learned into practice- buoyancy, positioning, guideline use, gas management, team positioning and communication, light management- and taking the instructor inside the wreck. All the skills you learn will make you a better and more confident diver, and allow you to explore wrecks with a much greater ability to judge hazards and mimise risk.

Course requirements:

  • 18 years old (15 with parental consent).
  • Open water diver, but the wreck we train on requires you to be certified to dive to 30m

Course outline:

  • 3 open water dives minimum
  • 2 days

The course costs 8,000 Thai Baht. All equipment is included at no extra cost

Advanced Wreck

advanced-wreckThe TDI Advanced Wreck diver course is designed to build on the techniques and skills learned during the recreational wreck speciality course, to allow for unlimited penetration inside wrecks, i.e. beyond the daylight zone. This is a technical diving course and although you need to be only an advanced diver to undertake the course, simply put you will be woefully unprepared to pass this challenging course. Therefore we require that you already be a qualified decompression procedures diver, so that you already have a baseline of skills and experience necessary for this type of diving. 

The course covers advanced guideline use and the ability to deal with issues such as a full silt-out whilst inside the wreck. You will also learn techniques for locating a lost diver, assisting an unconcious diver, and methods for locating a lost guideline.

Procedures taught on the course include:

  • Advanced gas planning
  • Buddy rescue
  • risk management
  • Dealing with entanglement, entrapment and loss of visibility
  • Lost diver drill
  • Lost line drill
  • Equipment considerations
  • Problem solving inside a wreck

Course details:

  • 6 penetration dives minimum (usually 8)
  • Theory sessions
  • Land drills using a guideline

Course requirements:

  • 18 years old
  • Proof of 50 logged dives
  • Certified as a wreck or cavern diver


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